October 19, 2008

Newsweek Samulson: Storyline Comments

MSoliman / www.borrowerhotline.com/ Los Angeles, Calif / 10/19/2008 We're probably already in recession? According to Newsweek published report / Samulson

Retail sales dropped 1.2 percent. Housing collapse is really a banking disaster, soaring commodity prices, i.e. Higher oil prices, earnings a question mark for last quarter, unemployment will raise short term, overvalues equities and economic situation here and abroad will continues to impact stocks and market confidence. Now the word is Consumption spending will no doubt drop according to recent figures. Maher Soliman, analyst for consumer homeowner website said "Samuelson is gratuitous in sugar coating the dilemma". We will see certainly see lower spending figures posted for third quarter. "Soliman said” it's concerning from a comparison viewpoint to the reality of a 1930's depression era economic. A new deal type program might require a tax base for bail out something in line with a socialist government. Does capitalism work or is a highly unregulated government approach to the markets and economy sustainable? MSolman borrowerhotline.com

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