January 16, 2009

Taking Back Your Home in Foreclosure

Foreclosure is crippling and devastating to the people who suffer through it. The lender under normal circumstances makes a borrower a loan. The borrower is subject now to the obligation. Borrower signed the documents and lender provided the money.

So why in the world would anyone feel sorry for a grown adult who cannot pay their bills. Life happens to us everyday and that's a fact. But what happens when hardship is not part of the affordability issue. In other words, the borrower who may have the ability to borrower from family and friends is at at disadvantage. They may have taken on a second job and found away to make other ends meet. So now they want to do the right things an get back on track with their mortgage lender.

First problem we see is people don't not know who the lender is anymore Even till the last day of foreclosure most borrowers will not know who to contact. They don't know why the voice they are talking with and who answers the phone in the lenders name is so full of broker promises.

We know why....and the answers we have allow consumers to fight back.

"Take our home but at least give us a chance to fight back."

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